One of the extremely popular anabolic steroid is Winstrol, also known as Winsol (available only with Crazy Bulk). It’s available both in oral and injectable forms. Many recreational users recommend using the legal steroids because aside from it is naturally made, it also does not give side effects to the users.

Winstrol Cycle Guide FOR MEN, WOMEN, BEGINNERS

As mentioned in the first paragraph, it has two forms, liquid and tablets or pills. The liquid form is administered via an intramuscular injection. Make sure that you ask a professional’s help in administering this inject able. However, the other one, pills or tablets, is easier because you can just swallow it orally with a glass of water. Taking it orally should be done before eating your first meal of the day so you won’t experience upset stomachs.

Winstrol Oral Cycle

If you have chosen to use the tablet form of Winsol, then let’s help you get an idea on how Winstrol cycle works.

If you are a beginner, then you can take the lower dosage which can start from 20 mg daily then increase it by another 20mg on your next week. This is also applicable for a female bodybuilder. However, the daily allowable oral dosage for professional men recreation users is 80 mg. The duration of this lasts 5 to 6 weeks. And if you are in the expert level of using this kind of supplement to build muscle mass, then you can exceed the dosage until 100 mg.

If you are a healthy person, the Winstrol cycle length should not be taken more than 6 to 8 weeks. This is because you have to let the product work in your body and excessive use of it can increase the possible liver problems. Always take body supplements moderately, no matter how urgent you want to see the results.

Female Winstrol Cycle Guide:

One of the side effects for excessive use of Winstrol for women is virilization. Therefore, most women from track and field and bodybuilding usually make a planned cycle so they won’t experience much of getting too much facial hair or other male characteristics in their body. You can follow the reference below:

Good starting point 10 mg every other day

Strong women 10 to 20 mg daily (take it with caution)

Taking more than the 20 mg daily limit can give you already possible negative effects. So be reminded to be one of the responsible users of Winstrol.

Male Winstrol Cycle Guide

Since we have mentioned earlier that a professional male bodybuilder can use between 80 mg to 100 mg. You can always start in the lower dosage. It is because in Winstrol pill cycle, it has a very short half-life. Therefore most men find this dosage perfect for their building muscle mass goals. It is not recommended to go past beyond the 8 week Winstrol cycle, because as we have stated earlier, it will give too much stress to your liver and might cause you severe liver problems in the future. It is always better to take the precautions and still get the desired output without any further problems.