What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone, commonly known as Tren, is one the most effective steroids. Tren is a Nandrolone modified chemically, which is a hormone that naturally occurs in human body. It is a 19-nor steroid, therefore, it is probably the strongest steroid today. It earned its high rank because it is a strong androgen with an anabolic androgenic rating of 500/500 with the testosterone base of 100/100.

Guide to Trenbolone Cycles – Tren Best Cycles

Many bodybuilders are a fan of Tren, especially the legal alternative Trenorol from Crazy Bulk, because it is the best way to build muscles fast. And we’re not just talking about muscles but strong, hard muscles. Compared to other anabolic, it retains low amount of water in your body and reduces body fat. Your metabolism will also be quicker and the production of red blood cells will increase.

Best Tren Cycle

The Trenbolone cycle is used by bodybuilders, athletes or any health buff individuals who want to lose fat and build muscles. Since it is probably the strongest steroid, it has the best capability in cycles one could use. There will be different plans that you can choose from depending in your needs and goals, but using Tren cycle will not give you that much of disappointments.

Beginner Tren Cycle

For basic and beginners, it’s a good start to use Trenbolone to achieve your goals. Your basic cycle will include Testosterone, which is highly recommended when you are in Tren cycle.

The dosage for a beginner’s Tren cycle is as follows:

  • First 8 weeks 50 mg every other day
  • Next 4 weeks cutting phase
  • Next 8 weeks 75 mg every other day


Intermediate Tren Cycle

After doing the beginner Tren cycle, you’ll enter to the intermediate level of this cycle. Most people will just take themselves to this level and stop, because they know there are also limitations in taking steroids. Bodybuilders who have taken Trenbolone for the last 12 months, they continue to take 75 mg of Tren every other day. However, some people start with 100 mg every other day, too.

Advanced Tren Cycle

For advanced users, they are the ones who are professional bodybuilders and they have the knowledge on how to gain muscle mass and get rid of unwanted body fats by using higher dosage of Trenbolone. The advanced Tren users will take 100 mg every other day, and if you have got the go signal from your fitness instructors or medical consultants, you can take it every single day. During off season, Tren cycle cutting for advanced level users can combine Tren/Test/Dbol to get the most out of the goal that they want.

Tren cycle before and after will prove that there will be significant changes. Small changes might be noticeable by your first 8 week and after going to intermediate level, your body mass and power will be obvious already.

Implementing the Trenbolone cycle is one of the most exciting cycles you can do. The changes will be definitely significant and the benefits are more compared to its side effects. Applying the Tren cycle during both cutting and bulking phases is acceptable since it’s one of the most versatile legal steroids available in the market.