LeBron James is an American professional basketball player for Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. He is one best basketball player but when rumors like whether or not LeBron James uses Steroids to enhance his performance starts flying over Internet and also on other sports communities, it become a panicking moment for NBA. He himself admitted this. He made it clear to media that he has took testosterone thought for medical reasons. It’s said that the steroid  which LeBron James took is a dietary supplement which contains a special pair of fatty acid ‘growth factor’ that are a crucial to build muscle.

Did LeBron James Use Steroids ?

These legal steroids are also considered as best thing for building muscle. Because of this special feature of this steroid it has become the most popular steroid alternative in professional sports circles. Bill Simmons, ESPN Sports columnist, analyst, and podcaster, insinuated in an episode that LeBron is close to dealing with a potential drug scandal regarding performance enhancer.

Anabolic steroids have been a prohibited substance since the league’s SPED policy( steroids , performance-enhancing drugs and masking agents) was added to the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug program in 1999. So when it comes into light that LeBron is also engaged in having those kind of steroid it was shocking for all his fans and was a panicking moment for NBA. It was shocking for everyone that LeBron James is using steroids. The hall of Fame- bound player undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players of all the time. Many people thought that he would fail when he entered the professional ranks in 2003 at the tender age of 18. People question LeBron James steroids use because of his amazing physique. Whether he really use steroids or not, nobody is really sure about it unless James himself admits to the use of steroid but for medical purpose. There are many side effects of regular steroid use. It increases level of aggression, depression, hair loss, poor decision making and disrespectful behavior. Many athletes use these performance enhancing steroids to perform better but it is very harmful for them.

In 2015 LeBron became the youngest player ever to score 25000 points in the NBA. LeBron has an impressive physique. He is lean. His biceps looks impressive and his arms are relatively thin overall. He has been repeatedly accused of using steroid. He is considered as the king of basketball. The news sent shock waves around Cleveland when the rumours had circulated the internet about LeBron James use of steroids. Performance enhancing drugs are taking up a lot of spot light in sports as of recently. Sportsman often uses top strength supplements to enhance their performance. One reporter in an interview asked Derrick Rose if steroid were a problem in the NBA since it rarely gets mentioned or talked about. On a scale of one to ten (one being what are PEDs and ten being everyone is using) , Derrick Rose answered it seven and admitted that it is a problem that no one talks about. Sometimes question arises Are supplements safe to take the answer is no. They are useful and gives strength but at a certain age and when taken in an incorrect way it harms you.