Growth Hormone which is also known as HGH is a hormone secreted by pituitary gland in our body. This hormone is responsible for our body growth and for building muscle. In this article

Top Best Ways To Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels

I’m going to deal with some methods which will definitely helps you to increase the level of human growth hormone in your body. If you’re looking to boost your HGH level, have a look below

How to increase growth hormone naturally

  1. Take proper sleep – You’re advised to take proper, peaceful and deep sleep. According to some recent research it has been proven that around 79-80% production of HGH occurs when you take a long, restful sleep. You should use a sleep mask which will block out the light and helps to surge the sleep hormone melatonin.
  2. Eat high quality proteins – In order to boost your HGH level naturally you have to take high quality proteins in your diet. To avoid the high insulin level in your body avoid high-carbohydrates snack. High insulin level in your body is an obstacle which inhibit growth hormone from doing its work.
  3. Do intense workouts – To increase the level of human growth hormone in your body do intense workout and never let your body to become fat.
  4. Avoid sugar after workout – After doing intense workout you’re advised not to take sugar. If you’ll intake sugar after a heavy workout, it will work as an obstacle in your goal to increase your HGH level.
  5. Laugh more and eat your meal 2-3 hours before you go to your bed – as we know that when insulin level is high, less HGH is produced in our body. So in order to have low insulin level before you sleep so that your body can produce more HGH, eat 2-3 hours before sleeping. It has been proven that laughter can also increase your HGH level, so try to stay happy and laugh more.

How to increase HGH level with supplements-

you can boost up your HGH level naturally as we have already discussed but there are many supplements available in the market which helps you in increasing the HGH level in your body

  1. SNC Invigorate HGH – It stands among the best HGH boosting supplement. It is especially made for aging males. It helps you to gain muscle mass, increases libido and helps you to maintain your body weight.
  2. Universal Nutrition GH Stack – It’s a potent supplement. It enhances your body growth, promote lean mass gain and boost your HGH level.
  3. Nutricost GABA – This supplement improves your sleep. It maximize muscle recovery process in your body. It also increase HGH level in your body.
  4. M-Theory Reaction Gh – this supplement also works amazingly in order to boost up your HGH level. It gives strength to your body. Helps you to enhance your muscle growth as well.
  5. XPI HGF-15 – this is one of the best supplement which boost up your HGH level. It also boost up your testosterone leveL.

These are some best bodybuilding supplements which you can use to increase your HGH level. In this article I’ve mentioned some natural HGH supplements and also some ways which helps you to boost your HGH level naturally and also with the help of some artificial supplements.