If you are a beginner in muscle building, and you want to get bigger arms faster, then you are in the right page. However, remember that faster isn’t like as fast as The Flash and Superman because it’ll still take discipline, effort, and time are still some of the things you need to best way to build muscle.

How to get BIGGER Arms MUCH FASTER!!

Since the mainstream advertisement and movies show that bigger is better, many health buffs are now wanting not just the 6-pack abs, tight butts, big chests but also those well-chiseled arms.

How to build bigger arms

In building bigger arms fast, make sure your height and weight are proportion to each other. You have to gain muscle mass first by doing these things beforehand.

  • Eat a LOT!

How to build lean muscle? Easy. Eat lots of food that contain high calories. And you have to eat more than you burn for you to be able to gain weight, especially when you are a beginner. Instead of eating three meals a day, add a post workout meal and eat your heart out every time.

  • Be stronger.

There are many strength exercises available online or in mobile apps that you can follow if going to the gym is not an option. Increase your sets for push-ups, plank, squats, and dead lifting. Finish strong not sexy.

  • Don’t forget to rest.

Well, we all know that after doing all those proven muscle builders exercises, you need to take rest and thus, experience severe muscle pains. Don’t worry, when the muscles are at rest, that’s the time they are growing.

  • Track and measure.

How to get big arms? Just like how you measure your weight, keep a record of the size of your arms by measuring them weekly. By doing this, you’ll be able to know if you are doing a fast or slow job in building bigger arms.

How to get big arms if you’re skinny

Yes, there are those who have a problem of being skinny and hope to have bigger arms. If you are one of those skinny ones you can also follow the tips mentioned about and here are some other ones you can follow and use:

  • Perform strength workout three times a week resting at least a day in between.
  • Complete the sets and don’t cheat by resting in between. Mind over body.
  • Use the different workouts:

Day 1: dead lift, chin up, dumbbell floor press, reverse lunge

Day 2: Bulgarian split squat, bench press, dumbbell row, feet-elevated side plank

Day 3: front squat, inverted row, single-leg hip thrust, push up

You might have a question like how to get big arms fast in 2 weeks or can I get bigger arms just doing normal exercises? Well, if you have the will and drive to do the different workouts we’ve written above consistently, taking enough rest for your muscles to regenerate and grow, and eating foods that are high in calories, you might be making those lean and skinny arms to stronger and bigger ones in 2 weeks or so.