Being skinny really sucks. Many skinny guys thinks that they won’t become muscular or there is no chance of it because of their skinny body structure they thinks that it is not in their genes but that is not true. Skinny guys can gain weight and put on muscles. Actually your genetics doesn’t have much effect on your body size and how muscular or skinny you are.

Mesomorphs or hard gainers are some terms which are usually used to describe skinny guys. It seems to be hard for you to put on weight but if you follow some basic tips and rules you will definitely get a muscular body.

Here are some best ways to gain muscles

  1. Have high quality food – If you have tried so many things and still you are skinny then you have to make some changes in your diet plan. You have to eat more and more so that you can get much calories which will complete your muscle building energy requirements. Sometimes most of us think that we ate the most but don’t know why we never gain any weight but this is not always true. You have to consume 2 grams of protein per gram of body weight. You should have 2-3 super shakes everyday. Eat like hulk. Try to take 5 meals per day and gather vitamins for muscles.
  2. Hardgainer workout -Being a skinny guy you have to choose intelligent muscle building workouts.
  3. Rest – You have to take proper rest if you want to get a muscular fit body. Your body needs a proper amount of rest. Most of us don’t include this in our chart of daily routine but it has to be there. Much work out and less rest time makes your body tired and it could be an obstacle in your ambition of getting muscular body.

Lean mass is the pure muscle mass without fat. Lean muscle mass basically means burning fat and have lean muscles which doesn’t contain any fat. Lean mass includes all the weight of your body such as your bones, your body organs, your skin, your body water, your muscles except fat. Now the question arises how to build lean muscle mass.

Here are some tips to build lean muscle mass:

  • Go to the gym and do strength exercises which will help you.
  • In gym you can do heavy exercise which will make your muscles stiff.
  • Drink as much water as you can.
  • Get a good sleep.

how to grow muscle naturally  Well, if you think that growing muscles naturally is not possible then you are wrong. You can grow muscles naturally by simply making changes in your diet. Start having protein and fiber rich food, stop eating junk, never skip any meal and even try to have extra healthy meals, keep your body hydrated, take good sleep, do exercise regularly. Never skip doing exercise. If you will adopt natural muscle building methods instead of using artificial steroids, you will get long lasting results and also there will be no side effects of it.

Not every human body reacts in the same way. In some people muscles grow fast while in other it takes more time. You have to focus on the whole body. To gain weight, strength and muscular body there are many natural ways which you can adopt but it takes time and your devotion. For instant results people often takes legal steroids and other artificial supplements. So when question like “How to gain muscle fast for men” comes to your mind the first thing which we think for is having these bodybuilding supplements. These supplements give instant results but they have some side effects. And if you don’t take it in proper proportion it could be injurious for your body.