When we consider the term “steroid”, we actually refer to “anabolic steroid”. Anabolic steroid is a man made substance. It binds with cytoplasmic androgen receptors which promote tissue and cell growth.  Anabolic steroid has similar effects as testosterone has in the body, which includes increasing muscle growth, strength, increasing bone size, recovery of muscle tissue.  

How do steroids work to increase Muscle growth (quickly)

Now the question arises How do anabolic steroids increase strength Anabolic steroids increases the production of proteins which are the building blocks of the muscles. There is a hormone called cortisol, Anabolic steroids helps in blocking the effects of this hormone on muscle tissue which break down muscle at a slower rate.

Steroids gives extreme muscular growth. Today most of the professional body builders, wrestlers, players etc. use steroids as they think these steroids can be highly beneficial in sports, athletes and body building if taken in correct proportion and consider these supplements as best way to gain muscle.

Here are some reliable and legal steroids that are truly powerful and best supplements to build muscles

  • DECA DURABOLIN – Deca durabolin contains anabolic components. Deca durabolin in simple words is known as Decka or Deca. Deca durabolin helps in muscle growth. Apart from muscle growth it provides strength to heavy load body builders and gives them relief from joint pains also. This product can be taken for the growth of muscles orally hence, no injections are required and is easily available worldwide. This product works greatly.


  • WINSTROL – Winstrol is an anabolic component which helps in melting the fat. This product is very useful for increasing strength and building muscles. It provides energy. Winstrol comes in tablet form so they can be taken orally. One need not to take injections. This product is easily available. For buying winstrol no prescription is needed and is legal.


  • ANADROL – It is a bulking and strength agent. It multiplies the red blood cells. The most important feature of anadrol is that it doesn’t have any side effects. It increases the mass of lean muscle, gives strength and synthesis proteins. You don’t need any prescription. They are available in tablet form. You can see results within two weeks.

We have mentioned above some best supplements for Muscle gain which are legal, easily available on online stores and are easy to use.

For all the body builders protein powder is a necessity. These are dietary supplements. Protein powders are the most popular supplements available for Muscle growth and energy and is used widely by body builders, athletes, sports man etc. The powder is usually mixed with water, milk or fruit juice and they consume these protein shakes before and after exercising or physical work. Some takes it in place of a meal also. These powders are the best thing for bodybuilding muscle.

Some of the best body building protein powders are

  • ISO 100
  • Animal Whey
  • Syntha-6 Pro JYM

All these anabolic steroids and protein powders helps in maintaining your body, increases your body mass, muscles, increases your strength but they can also be injurious for your body if not taken correctly.