When you are thinking of using any steroid to enhance your body performance, you will surely be thinking what would be the side effects of it. Especially when you are a first time user, dilemma will kick in and you want to find out first the things that might happen to you when taking anabolic steroids.

Dianabol Side Effects You’ll Want to Avoid

One of the famous bodybuilding supplements, Dianabol, and although it gives the users the muscle mass that they want, after some time, they will be suffering from unwanted health issues and conditions.

Let’s talk about taking Dianabol side effects after one cycle. There is a reason for making it illegally available in US because of serious dbol side effects. People might be getting it from the black market but they surely experience negative effects even though they achieve the big muscle and strength that they want. However, you can get the legal alternative Dianabol from Crazy Bulks, under the name of D-bal

The following are Dianabol side effects:  

Light side effects

  • Growing breast tissues

If you are a man who is taking Dianabol tablets, results will be you getting bigger breasts. If you are taking the low dosage, Dianabol side effects 10 mg will still suppress the natural production of your testosterone after taking for a longer period of time. It is how your body will respond when you take this steroid.

  • Oily skin and acne

Advertisements will obviously not warn you of the detailed side effects of their products. Even though you’ll get your body goal, when you take this Dianabol, your estrogen level will pump up and will not just give you breasts bigger look, it will also give you oily skin and acne. And since you’ll go through a Dianabol cycle, once you stop, these acnes will not just disappear instantly, too.


  • Too much water in the body

Once you have gone through several Dianabol cycles, you’ll also definitely experience too much water retention in your body. It is because the fat and water are building up under your skin.

More serious effects

  • High blood Pressure or hypertension

This can be also experienced not just by Dbol users, but by other anabolic users as well. IF you are a healthy adult man, you might not be at risk with too much hypertension. However, taking Dianabol will increase your blood pressure and you’ll be restricted with other activities and food as well.

  • Damaged liver

Dianabol can be very dangerous when abused. Since our liver’s function is to filter toxic going to our bloodstream, taking high dosage of Dianabol and using it for longer periods of time will cause you your liver. You might not feel it in early years, but you’ll certainly see it after you age and when you decide to stop using body enhancers.

These might just be few side effects of Dianabol, but surely, you’ll be wise enough to be cautious first before buying any body and performance enhancing products. Dianabol might but popular, but still, you need to get your prescription to be able to get it legally. Yes, it will give you your body goals, however, remember to always listen to your body when side effects are kicking in.