The main male sex hormone is Testosterone and females also have a little amount of it. This hormone is important in producing the physical changes of a boy to puberty and to adulthood. It is the reason why boys undergo the changes in their muscles, voice, and hair growth and hair growth.

Best Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

And since Testosterone is important in building muscle mass, more males and even females are interested to increase Testosterone levels naturally; especially those who want are into bodybuilding and athletic activities.

Eat Natural Booster Foods

Men’s natural testosterone booster is readily available from your pantry. All you need to do is to find out how much food intake you should do and how often do have to do it. The following are the foods that can boost your testosterone level naturally:

  • Tuna

This seafood is rich in Vitamin D, therefore it increases the production of testosterone hormones and helps in prolonging its longevity. A serving of tuna two to three times a week is sufficient to boost the hormones that you need.

  • Egg yolks

You might have seen it in videos that bodybuilders get that muscle and strength when they eat egg yolks. That is because the yolks are also high in Vitamin D. You can take one egg daily as long as you don’t have cholesterol related problems.

  • Oysters

This one is rich in Zinc. Men who have low testosterone can eat oysters at least once a week. It won’t just help your testosterone hormone go up but it will also help you when you have zinc deficiencies.


 boost testosterone levels naturally

Take Testosterone Booster Supplements

Now let’s talk about the best testosterone booster supplements that are legally available in America. These supplements are supported by scientific studies.

  • Testosterone Max

Also known as Testo Max from Crazy Bulk is one of the natural testosterone booster supplements that you is completely legal and does not have noticeable and significant side effects. Most of its ingredients are from plants like tribulus terrestris that contains steroidal saponins. And this plant develops the hormone that produces testosterone in your body.

  • EVL Test

From Evolution Nutrition, this is designed to support the increase of your testosterone hormones naturally. It also improves your muscular strength, stamina, and endurance. It has the same herbal tribulus extract plus fenugreek to increase your sperm count.

Do the other Important Things

Yes, eating foods that are rich in Vitamin D or Zinc and using body supplements are not just the things that you have to do to increase your testosterone hormone levels.

  • Get plenty of rest

Plenty of rest is not just sleeping. It’s all about getting quality, undisturbed sleep.  When you sleep for only 5 hours a day, the percentage of your testosterone lowering is 15%.

  • Minimize stress and cortisol levels

Too much stress doesn’t just affect your work, relationships, and career. It will definitely affect your health. When your cortisol levels are elevated, it can quickly decrease your testosterone level.

  • Exercise and lift weights

It is one of the most effective ways in boosting your testosterone naturally. The best exercise to boost it is resistance training, such as weight lifting.