Illegal steroids are dangerous and are an illegal way to seek athletic dominance for better appearance. These are the synthetically produced variants which are illegal because it has been claimed by the body-builders that it gives them a competitive advantage and also improves their physical performance. These are meant to increase body mass, strength and aggressiveness. It also helps in reducing the workout time.

Which steroids are illegal in the USA?

Though these are steroids illegal in bodybuilding, but sometimes they are specially prescribed by the doctors for legitimate medical purposes. Various illegal sources such as smuggling steroids from other countries into USA have been identified. This article consists of a list and tells us about the steroids which are illegal in the USA. The list is as follows: –

  1. Androstenediol: It is the direct metabolite of the steroid produced by the human adrenal cortex which is the most abundant steroid produced. These bodybuilding supplements simulate the immune system, and are hence marked as illegal in the US. It is used as a radiation countermeasure. It has various side-effects like- deepening of voice, facial hair growth, acne, abnormal menstrual cycle, etc.
  2. Dihydrotestosterone: it is an endogenous sex steroid and hormone which catalyses the formation of DHT from testosterone in certain tissues. It leads to male pattern baldness and the decrease in libido. Prostate cancer is also a result of this, and hence it is found illegal to use this in the US according to the steroids laws and regulations.

  1. Prasterone: it is a naturally occurring steroid which is an androstane derivative, a precursor of steroid hormones and is used for supplement and medication. It causes acne, ill feeling or flu-like symptoms, hair growth in unusual places, hoarseness in voice, light coloured stools, nausea, vomiting, menstrual changes, and yellowing of the eyes or skin. These supplements are not regulated like medicines and hence illegal in the US.
  2. Anadrol: it was initially developed to help the people with anaemia. It is clearly an effective agent for promoting weight gain, for increasing the appetite, and to gain strength. After the usage of these workout supplements, you may see some signs of allergic reactions like rashes and itching. Mood swings and muscle pain might also occur. The problem of acne is common. Your breath might become short and swelling may occur in your arms and legs. Your skin’s colour might change too. This is why this drug is illegal in the US.
  3. Equipoise: it is an anabolic androgenic steroid which is derived from testosterone. It is officially classified as a veterinarian grade anabolic steroid. It has the ability to enhance protein synthesis. But everything that has an advantage has disadvantages too. High levels of oestrogen can prove problematic in the promotion of gynecomastia. It can lead to acne and hair loss too and hence they are all steroids illegal in the US.

These were the names of some steroids which are illegal in the US and needs special prescription for their use. Hence think twice before buying these legal steroids if you don’t want to get caught. Make a wise decision so that you don’t get into any trouble.