Gone are the days that only men go to the gym. Nowadays, more and more women become more interested in getting healthy by working out and eating the right amount of food. Women are also becoming open in trying different performance enhancing products.

Anavar for Women Guide Everything You Need to Know …


Anavar for women is one of the famous products in the market when it comes to building muscles and maintaining weight. Unlike other steroids, Anavar for women weight loss is another plus and it doesn’t produce too much testosterone that will enhance male characteristics too much. This muscle building pill is loved by most women who wants to get just the right strength enhancement without affecting their natural female features.

If you are one of those women who are health enthusiasts and getting your body beach-ready, go and get Anvarol available in Crazybulk since the gains and risks are lighter than other legal steroids. It will give you the boost to reach that goals.

Benefits of using Anvar

Just like other performance enhancing products, Anvar for women has its own benefits. The following are some of the things you should know about its benefits:

  • Small muscular changes- Not all women want to get that immense, rock hard muscles like the males want when they are going for bodybuilding. Anvar gives small significant muscle gains for women. Thus, it helps women to be consistent in eating right amount of food, exercising, and still getting the body that they want.
  • Alertness preservation – Too much muscles will make someone have a hard time to move. Using Anvar for women, since it has a slow muscle change effect, women don’t need to worry on being limited in their day to day activities.
  • Improved stamina- Once you use Anvar, you will still have the energy to keep on going the daily activities that you have including longer time working out in the gym.
  • Cravings reduced- We know that most women like eating especially during the time of the month or whenever there are mood swings. Taking Anvar will lessen someone’s excessive food cravings and will help you maintain the right amount of food intake.

Anavar Cycle for Women

For women bodybuilders or even for those who are just wanting to have a good physique, female Anvar cycle is very short compared to other cycles. The usual timeframe for women is just for six weeks. After the six week period, it is advised that a female Anavar user should take a four week rest without taking any Anvar within that res time. If someone wants to take it the whole year round, the resting time should be from eight to ten weeks.  

The safe dosage of Anavar for women especially if you are a beginner is 10 mg per day in the cycle mentioned above. You have to make your body get used to the enhancer so that whenever you feel side effects kicking in, you’ll be able to handle it. Maximum dosage allowable for women is 20 mg, because taking more than that can cause virilization.