One of the steroids you can use for stacking is Anavar. This steroid can be taken for the purpose of cutting off the excessive fats and making your muscles more chiseled and looking leaner. Anavar only cycle is mostly used by beginners in bodybuilding and sports. This is to make sure that they can prevent the side effects of this steroid and guarantee that they will be able to bear the effects of this drug.

Anavar Cycle Guide for Men, Women & Beginners

In this Anavar cycle guide, you will be able to understand how much does you have to use, the results for men, women, and beginners, post-cycle therapy, and the ideal cycle for each group of users.

Anavar Cycle Guide

Take note that Anavar is identified for its four particular character: it’s not toxic, not androgenic, it’s mildly anabolic, and it’s particularly gentle on the Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis.

For Women

For women who wants to build muscle, you may start with a dosage of 2.25 mg in your first week and increase it slowly during the next 8 weeks until you reach the 10 mg maximum capacity. You can use this as your guide:

    • Week 1: 2.5 mg
    • Week 2: 2.5 mg
    • Week 3: 5.0 mg
    • Week 4: 5.0 mg
    • Week 5: 10.0 mg
    • Week 6: 15.0 mg
    • Week 7: 5.0 mg
    • Week 8: 10.0 mg

For Men

Anavar cutting cycle is appropriate for men only. It is because men have to do stacking with other available legal steroids which is a proven muscle builder. It is advised that men start with 30 mg in first week, but if you have tried using other anabolic steroids before taking Anavar, then you can start with 50 mg on the first week. Here is another example of progressive chart you can follow:

    • Week 1: 50 mg
    • Week 2: 50 mg
    • Week 3: 60 mg
    • Week 4: 80 mg
    • Week 5: 70 mg
    • Week 6: 80 mg
    • Week 7: 90 mg
    • Week 8: 100 mg

For Beginners

Going to beginners, given the thought that you haven’t tried any steroids before, you may start with 30 mg on your first week and take note that the maximum threshold for you is 70 mg only.

Upon completing the cycle, men should do a post-cycle therapy by taking 20 mg of Tamoxifen every day for one month and 40 mg Tamoxifen for the next seven days.

Always remember to test Anavar cycle if it is applicable for your body or not.

Results of Anavar Cycle

The results of the Anavar cycle only may vary in different users. For the best Anavar product, get Anvarol and you can buy them from Crazy bulk.

  • It is a fat-burning steroid.
  • Low testosterone range shows reducing of abdominal and visceral fats.
  • Low doses of Anavar shows reduction in appendicular and trunk total fat.
  • Weight gain produced by using this steroid can last longer even after not continuing the cycle to the next level; weight can be maintained until six months long.
  • Whether you are gaining or trying to lose some weight, the results of using Anavar can last longer than other steroids, and its results can even become permanent.